Cave 180-watts RMS 10-inch Active sealed slim car subwoofer with built in amplifier
Thermal protection circuit, short protection circuit
Easy to install. Converts High Level to Low Level. Speaker Line input to RCA output. Adjustable level matching from 0 to 2 volts. For car stereos up to 80 watts.
— Anti-oxidation PVC material, transparent shell design, exquisite workmanship! — Designed for the original car host without audio output! — Using transformers, some noise can be isolated. Adjustable output sensitivity, truly high-frequency switching. — For a host that does not have a low frequency (RCA) output (eg, cassette/card reader/CD/VCD/DVD, etc.) — Convert speaker output high frequency to low frequency (RCA) output for use as a car power amplifier or Subwoofer signal input.
Wiring Kit is not included, has to be purchased separately

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If you are limited in space or just looking to add some bass to your system, this kit is for you. The Cave 10″ Active Aluminium Subwoofer is a compact low profile powered subwoofer system that can be added under car seat, in tight spaces or just in your trunk. This subwoofer is powered, so no need for an external amplifier, it also comes with remote bass control. It’s manufactured by cave, so you are getting quality made subwoofer that will last you years this 180 watt subwoofer is the perfect system for you if you are looking for that all in one system that is incredibly easy to install. Just wire the subwoofer to your battery, ground it, connect it to your head unit using rca cables (wiring kit not included). The Cave is an all in one solution to give you great sounding bass in your vehicle without taking up a ton of space. This sub enclosure is very slim so that it can easily fit under your seat. The amplifier is built in, so installation and wiring is easy and clean. We wanted to truly make installation a breeze so we designed this unit with the user in mind from start to finish. We added high level inputs so you don’t need a remote wire from your receiver to trigger the unit on and off. The smart circuit will sense that an audio signal is present and turn on your radio and a signal is present. When you turn off your music signal the amplifier built into this subwoofer system will automatically turn itself off. Using the high level input is also the fastest and easiest way to install an aftermarket amp subwoofer combination since you do not have to remove the receiver. You simply use the high level input and wire it to one of your speakers. It has a level control for the volume, a subsonic filter to filter out the really low frequencies that the human ear can not hear. This also has a low pass crossover filter, phase control, and bass boost.. Product Type: Car audio conversion Size: 9*4*2.7cm Material: PVC Weight: 48g Parameter information: voltage 12V Color: t

Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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