EASY INSTALLATION – Full Wooden Beads Seat Cushion can be installed in almost all the Cars. However, it can not be put in the Car which has fixed headrest in front seats. Suitable for the leatherite and fabric seat covers. Can be easily installed without any need of technical assistance.
SWEAT CONTROL – It is very useful product as it prevents sweat by maintaining air circulation in between the wooden beads. Wooden beads always remain cool no matter how much is the temperature and makes the drive very comfortable. Driver can sit easily on the car seat without any problem even if the car is parked in hot condition for long hours.
PURE WOODEN BEADS – This is made by using natural high quality wooden balls which are tied up by using strong plastic strings. The large wooden beads in a natural finish add a distinctive look and increased comfort to your vehicle interior. The Wood Bead Car Seat Cushions have been popular around the world for over three decades.
PROVIDE MASSAGE – Massages back, waist, thighs by keeping the pressure on the key points. Extremely comfortable for the passengers.
MUST HAVE FOR LONG TRIPS – Extremely useful product for the long trips as it relieves fatigue, muscle tension, pressure and promote blood circulation.

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Description – Acupressure Wooden Beads Seat Cushion is made up of pure wooden balls which are connected with strong plastic wires, so has a long life. It is a muct have product specially in summer season as it prevents sweat by maintaining good air circulation. Wooden beads remain cool even in the extremely hot environment which makes the long drive very comfortable. It is suitable for use on the leather or fabric seat cover. Also gives relief to the back body, thigh as it works as acupressure and put pressure on the key body points. Installation – Its very easy to install, simply put the cushion on the car seats with the headrest lifted up and top of the cushion passing through under the headrest. Put the headrest down which will fix the cushion. PACKAGE INCLUDES 2 PIECES OF WOODEN BEADS CAR SEAT CUSHION

Weight 0.991 kg
Dimensions 38 × 8 × 20 cm


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