Airpro ultra luxury fragrance
Airpro air freshener provides a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance for any environment
Designed to keep the environment fresh for a long time
The unique features of this product are longer performance, improved perfume fomulas and availibilty in many fragrances
The freshner is inspired by the scents of nature to keep your environment calm, refreshed and relaxed

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Airpro mantra is “freshen air, freshen life”. Airpro is a brand which is fueled by innovation, creativity and multi-cultural setting. Airpro’s products and diversified range of air fresheners takes nature as the main source of inspiration and also integrate pop culture trends. . The Airpro team is passionate about going beyond classic air freshening solutions and innovating in terms of design, fragrances, material and also utility. Airpro is dedicated to offering refined fragrances in artistic pieces of decoration that will make your spaces more pleasant places to be. Mic man-ocean escape- feel like a star with our trendy mic man. It is design to make your car groovy with its chic design and equisite fragrance. Mic man comes in four exciting colours with our four signature fragrances to make you feel special every time you sit in your car.

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 11 cm


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