You know what’s sucky about local floor mats largely available in market? They dont fits good as tiles on floor and there leatherite starting getting feeling off within a few months that reminds us of the old floor whose tiles are breaking and shredding. What fun is that kind of mats? We’ll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. You know what is fun? Putting Kvd floor mats ont your car once and be free to change it every few months as you are doing currently by purchasing local floor mats because our floor mat lasts years and years without peeling off or colour faiding.

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It is 7d floor mats which manufactured from original pattern of your car floor so the fitting of the mats will be like tiles on floor which means 100% fitment guaranteed.
Because we know our quality is best enough to lasts years ahead that?s why we are the first mover in the market who provides 1 year warranty on leather peel off and colour faid which is the only problem in floor mats and you will also get bill and warranty card along with your mats and instruction to claim warranty. Imagine you go to a party, wedding, hangouts or etc, and you have a guest inside your car no matter how your car looks from outside but at the moment your guest enters your car they feel like they have entered in your second home and what impression you are throwing to them by letting them entered in home whose floor is cracked and and full of dust so change your floor mat today and renovate your second home which is your car and increase your social value, impress them with a stylish home again which is your car and even like new home needs tiles on floor just like that your new car floor also need stylish floor mat.
Our all floor mats are manufactured from Japanese machinery that involves highly skilled labor with great craftsmanship and we always use high density branded backing and nylon thread in our floor mats for durability.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 10 cm


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