Tailor-made or customized as per the aforementioned model. Precise size ensures safety while driving as it does not hinder with accelerator, brake, or the clutch pedals.
Raised edges protect the original car floor carpet from dust, dirt, mud, water or snow from seeping underneath. Additional heel pad on the driver-side mat ensures greater and additional protection for the most often used surface while driving.
Anti Slip Bottom – Nylon fabric adhesive under liner stops displacement of mats at high speeds encouraging safe driving.
Top layer of curly PVC coil is easy to remove and clean and, also protects the lower PU leather surface from getting worn-off over time.
Size is matched to the cabin floor contours giving maximum coverage on the car floor and around the surface edges sealing off the original carpet floor underneath with the raised edges.

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Gone are the days where you needed to clean your car mats everyday to get rid of the accumulated dust, dirt or spillage. These 7D mats are double layered with a curly PVC coil top layer and a leatherette bottom layer. The top layer which accumulates all the dust can be easily de-attached and cleaned whereas the bottom layer with raised edges stay put over the car floor original carpet from corner to corner making sure that mud and dirt does not seep through. These are the best in class quality mats with precise fit as per the aforementioned car model. Quality of craftsmanship and built quality is surely something that you will love about these mats.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 cm


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