Perfectly designed to fit in Car. Box Packing For Safe Shipping
* Made from extremely durable high quality soft PP Plastic.
* This product is a special tailored version and the back of each fender has special identification
* Easy to fit, can be fitted with help of screws.
* Protect the vehicle from road mud.

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Mud flaps are installed behind each wheel in order to prevent the wheels from splashing mud, water and other contaminants onto the vehicle under body when in motion. Mud flaps come in two qualities, one made out of soft synthetic rubber and the other made out of ABS plastic. Older generation cars used to come with rubber mud flaps as standard. These solve the purpose but are prone to frequent wear and tear and they also look old fashioned. The ABS plastic mud flaps are very long lasting and they also add to the body line of the vehicle. Most modern cars come with ABS plastic mud flaps as standard.

Weight 381.2 kg
Dimensions 31 × 10 × 15 cm


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