Omnidirectional signal receptors ensure uninterrupted radio network coverage
The angle of mast can be adjusted to ensure connectivity at higher speeds and less spaces
The mast has been PVC coated which makes it anti-corrosion hence giving it both long life and better connectivity
Easily OEM replaceable owing to similar dimensions and fitting as stock equipment
The flexibility of the mast ensures the antenna does not break in confined areas or at automatic car wash stations

Autofy Car Antenna is a must have car accessory for radio and music lovers. Available at a very reasonable price, this car antenna is offers great looks coupled with high-end performance. The spectacular chrome finish on the mast commits an uncompromised styling quotient hence making your ride more stylish. The mast is made of stainless steel which renders added strength and durability to the equipment so you can enjoy your car radio for years to come. The stainless steel has also been known to receive radio signals with unmatched precision. The network receptors have been prearranged to receive radio signals from all directions and heights. The angle of the mast can be adjusted so that you do not lose radio signals at higher speeds. The PVC coating has further been finished with powder topping that makes the mast anti-corrosive giving it longer life both in terms of performance as well as looks. The mast has been made flexible to counter breakage owing to off-road driving or during car wash at automatic stations. There is probably nothing more you can ask for from a car antenna.

Weight 0.121 kg
Dimensions 49 × 6 × 6 cm


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