Works Automatically
Setup easily & securely in secs
Increases privacy
Anti-dust, water-proof and fire-resistant.

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Autofurnish car automatic side window sun shade main features of auto sunshields side window 1. Works automatically: There is a very tiny hook attached to window glass, which brings sunshade fabric rolls up/down freely with window glass up-and-down 2. Setup easily and securely in secs: Just stick tube onto your side car door surface using double side adhesive tape without dismounting any facility. 3. Increases privacy: Sunshade fabric has a special function what could avoid people seeing inside from outside, but could see outside clearly from inside, so doesn’t disturb your view. 4. Rays-filtering: Sunshade provides year round protection against suns harmful rays, which keeps the skin and interior decorations from burning. 5. Fabric can roll into the tube when not in use. 6. Anti-dust, water-proof and fire-resistant.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 10 cm


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