Net Contents:- Foaming Car Tyre Rejuvenator 650 ml. Star Brake Part Cleaner 100 ml. Ultra Shield Lubrication Spray 500 ml. Auto Pearl Air Gloss Car Glass Cleaner 500 ml.
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Net Contents:- Foaming Tyre rejuvenator 650 ml. Features: Foaming tyre rejuvenator removes brake dust, rood for, grease and grime. Leaves tyre with a brilliant shine and cleans the toughest scuffs and soil from side walls. Star Spray Break Park Cleaner 100 ml. Direction for use. Hold can in a position where the nozzle is pointed towards applications area. Spray evenly from a distance of 8-10cms. Wait for a while, wipe with a clean cloth, use as required. Ultra-Shield Lubrication Spray 500 ml. Superior lubrication Protects against corrosion Penetrates High Pressure resistant Multifunctional Effective Chain Lubrication Caution: Extremely flammable. Vapours May cause drowsiness & Dizziness. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Direct inhalation may be harmful or fatal. Use in well ventilated area. Do not breathe gas fumes, vapour or Spray. Auto Pearl Air Gloss Car Glass Cleaner 500 ml. :- With the power of shine boosters not only removes dirt and dust but also gives ?2 times more gloss? then regular cleaners across glass & shine surfaces. Perfect for Cleaning: Glass & shiny surfaces like mirrors Glass windows Fridge TV Car Oven Kitchen Cabinet Furniture Etc

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Dimensions 10 × 20 × 50 cm


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