Protect your car dashboard from cracking and fading by blocking the Sunlight.
Keeping your vehicle steering and interior at the ideal temperature.
Reduce the fuel consumption saving air conditioning.
Compact, portable and can be taken anywhere!
It also can be used as yoga mat, picnic pad, tent sleeping pad when you have a picnic outside with your family or your friends

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Don’t let the hot sun damage your car seat, your steering wheel, even your mood. With the Lukzer sunshade, even take your car exposed to the sun for hours, the steering wheel and seats aren’t burning your hands and backside anymore. UV rays will damage your car?s interior, cause your car seat crack and fade. The Car Sunshade acts as a 1-piece protective UV sun shield that helps ensure your interior looks good for years to come.

Weight 0.111 kg
Dimensions 49 × 14 × 2 cm


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