? Memory Foam: The neck pillow for travelling is made of 100% pure memory foam which ensures your neck is always in the most comfortable position, no matter how your neck rest . Memory foam ensures that your neck rest for car is comfortable for flight airplanes car and neck support is adequate. The neck pillow for travel, air pillow for travel is made with your comfort in mind.
? 3 in 1 Combo: The travel pillow neck pillow comes in a neck pillows and eye masks combo which ensures the travelling pillow combo accessories is all you will ever need for a comfortable airplane travelling experience. The neck pillow for car comes with ear plugs to ensure you have a comfortable neck pillow for sleeping. The travel neck pillow , neck support pillow comes with eye masks and ear plugs
? Ergonomic Design: The neck pillow for men is designed in such a way that your neck will never feel like it’s lacking support. The neck pillow for neck pain is designed for the perfect sleeping position. The travel pillow neck ensures your neck is never out of posture and helps ease neck pain. The car neck pillow is also designed to ease long car journeys. The neck rest for travel fits perfectly with your neck
? Portable: the travel pillow neck pillow eye mask combo is portable and very easy to carry in the free carry bag that is provided along. You won’t have to worry about carrying the pillows neck pillow for neck pain anywhere you travel. The pillow for neck pain and shoulder pain is made in such a so as to make travel pillows for neck easy to carry. The neck support for car neck pillow memory foam
? Luxury Cover: The neck pillow microbeads has a breathable luxury cover which ensures that travel pillows for sleeping can be washed when dirty and feels very soft against the skin. The neck pillow for girls is designed for maximum comfort. Neck pain relief pillow is designed for comfortable sleeping and neck pillows for sleeping pillow travel is designed for maximum comfort. Neck rest pillows is for you!

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Has travelling always been uncomfortable for you? Do you never seem to be able to sleep properly or are comfortable while travelling? Travelling will never be the same, with our 100% Memory foam, 3 in 1 Combo Neck Pillow for neck pain Package Contents 1. Neck Pillow for travel 2. Eye mask 3. Noise isolating Ear plugs 4. Carry bag

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