Modern three-layer composition engineered to keep the interior of your vehicle with style, protection, and comfort in your daily ride. Base Layer keeps mats in place without harming carpet or leaving marks like nibs of conventional rubber floor mats
Three dimensional design measured to exact cabin shape of your vehicles with raised edges that give maximum coverage and protection to vehicle interior, Waterproof, effectively hold mess and spills
Surface layer made of composite of PVC to compliment your vehicles in the style you desired
Anti-Slip Metallic Pad in driver mat provides maximum safety while driving and comes with molded heel pad on Driver’s mat

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4d car mats are designed to fit the floor perfectly with raised edge, keep the cars’ original floor carpet clean. Pvc coating on the mat is 100 percent waterproof and protects the car from dirt, mud, snow, water and oil. Anti-slip layer on driver side mat provides maximum safety while driving. Driver’s mat with moulded in tpr heel pad. These mats is odourless. Extra-lightweight: makes maintenance an easy and pleasant job to do. Car specific size made to fit the floor area of your car. Now say good bye to dirty floors and set a new look of your car. Note : the actual product of the car mat can be different from the image in terms of texture of the mat it can be either in matte finish or in a crocodile print depending upon availability of stock. Secondly, the heel pad can also be either made up of steel or plastic that to depends upon the availability of stock. However both are equally good and fits properly to your car.

Weight 1.42 kg
Dimensions 82 × 10 × 64 cm


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