7 Depth Layer protection to your car interiors.
Luxury styling with a Quality fitted finish.
Digitized Design Matches Each Vehicle Application.
Raised Edges Give Maximum Coverage.
Waterproof, Fire resistance, Dust-proof, Shock and Sound Absorbent.
Scratch Proof, Strong and Durable.
Quick and Easy to install (Can also Fits over your Existing Carpet).
Reduce Road Noise and Protect your Vehicle interior.
Detachable curly mats make cleaning easy and also be removed whenever required for luxury styling.

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A Luxurious Combination of Style, Class, Comfort and Protection for your car are here. Autofurnish presents an exclusive range of 7D Luxury Custom fitted car mats taking Interior Auto Luxury to the Next Level makes Comfortable, elegant and healthy driving

These floor mats will make your car look more luxurious, giving it a customized, elegant, tailor-made look. The materials we use are extremely durable and provide 7-Depth layer protection. The mats are highly durable, resist scuffing, and are completely functional. Our mats come with clips where you can fix them on the car walls for perfect look and fitting. Disassemble of curly mats is simple and easily to clean, wipe with wet towel or hose off.

Precise cutting, never stuck accelerator, brake safety.. The beauty and durability of our mats surpass all other mats in comparison. These mats are Easy care, Environmental Friendly Material, Non-Toxic and Odorless.

These 7D mats are for all-weather protection and can withstand water, mud, chemicals and also feature a unique anti-skid surface, keeping the mat in place. The protective non-stick finish of the mats and the raised side walls keep fluids, mud and sand off your vehicle carpet. Our mats made of engineered thermoplastic so they will not curl or crack and are also odorless.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 50 × 35 × 10 cm


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