Make your paint as slippery as an eel
Get a deep wet shine in just seconds
Shine and protect your car with a simple spray
Save time with a simple spray
Dry and shine clean, wet surfaces in one step

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Hals Blue Carnauba Spray Wax for Car,Bike | Glossy Slick Finish | Dry & Shine Clean (295ml)

It is a spray able wax that will transform the way you wax forever! With a spray able formula and no cure time, Hals Blue Carnauba Spray Wax provides an excellent shine and reflection in only seconds.
The New Generation of Wax
Conventional liquid and paste waxes can be untidy and take time to apply in an even way through the paintwork. With Hals Blue Carnauba Spray Wax the biggest plus point is the unmatched ease of use, with no compromise on the protection and glossy slick finish it offers.

Hals Blue is not just a brand; it?s a way of life that is widely followed across the country. We are a team of car-enthusiasts that is simply passionate for shine. We all work as a community and embrace each one who is driven by the sparkle of a freshly waxed automobile to join our community.
The core thought is to provide optimum quality chemicals by the virtue of the enormous bank of knowledge we have acquired with our experience. The intent is to provide our products, manufactured to the highest quality standards, to each member of our community who share one mutual passion. We are building not a company, but a family.
Over the years we have been able to set a benchmark in the industry. The love bestowed upon our products by the users is what motivates us to keep innovating and keep improving. From interiors, leathers, upholstery to exteriors, tire and chromes, we do more than innovate in this ever-changing industry.

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