marvellously crafted running board traction pads made of injection molded virgin engineering plastic (ABS) with multi point fixation underneath of side step delivers safe boarding.
adequately surface treated coatings of bottom steel reinforcement frame & unique mounting brackets of foot rest adds up anti-rusting, step board parts are undergone veriegated performance tests to qualifying the parts ensures reliablity & long durability.
aesthetically designed stainless steel step board edge finisher adds up safety to the pedestian and passengers on boarding. Step board branding sheet textured with a distinctive logo gives additional asthetical value to your car.
ethylene propylene diene monomer- epdm synthetic rubber extruded beading attached with running board seals all the gap with the car body at step board installed position seems as the best foot step of choice.
printed pictorial represented step by step installation guide helps you installation of your side step with ease.

Jeep Compass step board crafted with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), Stainless Steel, powder coated bottom reinforcement & brackets adds up anti-rusting makes foot rest reliable and long durable. step board parts are tested for veriegated specifications ensuring the quality resulting parts free from rust & reliability towards other environmental aspects to an extent. side step gives your car a new elegant look. exclusive brand logo adds aesthetical value to the product and your car. Running board giving more convenience to board for the aged and kids. step board design it self avoids from damage and scratches of your car at the congestions. blended edges of the running board confirms safety to the pedestrians and passengers as well.

Weight 26.17 kg
Dimensions 176 × 25 × 18.5 cm


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