One Sweep and you’re done! You don?t need to repeat your sweeps, it picks up the dust at one-go.
It Keeps your car clean & shine without washing it on daily basis. Easy care, just shake it occasionally to get rid of excess dust on the duster
Remove dust without scratching or damaging your car
Extendable handle makes easy to reach on different height
Package content: 1 dusting mop brush for car

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Made of super soft hand-washable microfiber, no lint dropped, it can remove dust, dirt and lint effectively without scratching you car. No water and chemicals are needed, be with our duster. Flexible aluminum rod help you reach somewhere high and fold the brush; Non-skip soft foam covered handle will not freeze your hand in winter; Come with a plastic bag, convenient for you to storage; And it also come with a microfiber washcloth to help wash your car.

Weight 0.301 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 4 cm


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