WORKS FOR ALMOST ALL VEHICLE: The universal car rear view camera works for trucks, suvs and all cars. The video cable is about 20ft /6M, long enough. Versatile compatibility, backup security camera can be connected to any monitor with RCA video input.
WIDE VIEWING ANGLE CAR REVERSE CAMERA: Wide angle, plus built-in unmovable distance scale lines, it’s a thoughtful powerful parking camera. To work perfectly, you should adjust the flexible rear view camera, make it in the middle of vehicle’s back vertical, in the suitable place of horizontal, then rotate rv camera, make the body a little up or down etc. Adjust it as possible as you can to make the video more and more close to the real distance of car to roadblock, guideline is helpful.
FULL HD CAR REAR VIEW CAMERA: Jam-free, pictures are sensitive realtime and continuous, with the help of wired back up camera, you won?t be disturbed when you reverse your car even in adverse weather. Hi-definition color images, there is a much clearer video from the parking assist camera.
WATERPROOF SHOCKPROOF VEHICLE BACKUP CAMERA: IP67 High waterproof level, reverse camera would never be fogged or wet even in storm or bad rainy day. Plus, professional shockproof design, the safety & security assist camera does just work for your vehicle.
WARRANTY: ROHS provides 1 Year Replacement Warranty as for Short Circuit and Not Working Cameras. Make sure no human tampering is done and no physical damage is made to the camera. If found so, the product will not be replaced. All our products are Tested OK before Dispatch.

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Enjoy peace of mind while driving, day or night with this riderscart rear view camera. It operates in different temperatures, rain, sleet, and snow. It can be connected to any monitor with RCA video input.

It has a wide 170? view angle to observe all directions properly and kill all blind view without a switch over. The camera can be installed easily on your existing license plate mounting locations.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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