It can clearly and truly show your car’s driving condition, Eliminate blind spots, make your driving easy and safe.
The system can build 3D virtual reality, It’s like watching your car from different angles in the sky.
When you drive, It loops recording 4 cameras HD 1080P video ,In the parking lot, when the car encounters vibrations, it will start the camera to record the video.
4 Super wide angle(above 180 degree) HD Cameras, Waterproof IP67,Seamless Splicing Technology, Night vision.
It does not include the Monitor, it has an connector, you can connect your car DVD, car navigation, monitor, It has AV OUT(RCA) VGA and HDMI interface.

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Product principles
SZDALOS 3D 360 degree surround view monitoring system, the four ultra wide angle camera mounted on the vehicle the front,rear,left and right mirror,
the vehicle can perceive the surrounding environment, through the virtual scene reconstruction technology,
can be achieved including top, front and back angle of view, view forward / reverse, left and right side view, any virtual view image view a variety of virtual view,
provide a full range of image information around the vehicle for the driver,
the driver to eliminate traditional visual dead, make driving more safe and free.

Product Features
360 degree surround view monitoring system for the driver to provide low-speed, vertical parking, side parking, reversing, narrow access, the surrounding environment,
such as observation of several typical scenes of the auxiliary driving angle image. Through the interconnection with the vehicle bus,
the system can be through the speed, stalls, left and right turn signal, far light and other signals, to achieve rapid switching of view / image.

Technical advantages
We have advanced technology in 3D environment, automatic view switch, camera clarity, video recording effects and other fields,Our products can give users a good experience.

Note: Please comfirm that there is a in-dash monitor or other LCD monitor which can input and display a PAL or NTSC video(RCA interface or HDMI) in your car.
The video output of this product only fit for the Monitors which with RCA and HDMI interface, please check your car’s monitor carefully.
(Generally, the video input interface of “original car monitor” is LVDS or other else. And the car monitor(DVD, GPS Navigation) which you bought separately has a RCA interface).

Additional information

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Dimensions 11.81 × 9.84 × 4.83 cm


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