Autofurnish Silver Car Body Cover made by High Quality imported Fabric
Strong, effective and all weather car covers for your vehicle
Very Light Weighted
Custom-fit car cover
Very tough and long lasting

Material (2×2 Matty Fabric)
Autofurnish uses high-quality 2×2 Imported Matty Fabric which is known for its High Performance and Durability. This fabric suits Indian weather conditions and protects your car’s color from sun, rain, and dust damage. The fabric is water-resistant.

Elastic Corner Support
Every car body cover has an elasticized construction at the front and back. It can be stretched to fasten the buckle belt to ensure a perfect fit on your car.

Double Stitched
Stitching plays a vital role in keeping the fabric intact, sturdy and sustainable. Our superior double stitching technology ensures that the cover retains its fitting, design and aesthetics for many years.

Machine washable
AutoFurnish uses high-quality Poly-based taffeta material in making car body covers. It?s light-weight, soft, slippery and totally water-proof, thus one can easily wash these covers in machines without worrying about damages.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 39 × 38 × 10 cm


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