DOCTOR DESIGNED – Authentic products are designed by a medical doctor with over 36 years of experience for back relief. This lumbar support reduces stress and strain on your back, keeping your spine in proper alignment in your office desk chair, car, pick up, wheelchair, or any seat you spend time in.. It serves as a back posture corrector at work, at home, or on the road.
STAY COMFORTABLE WITH BREATHABLE FABRIC MESH. while the Sturdy ABS Support Base comfortably supports your back without putting pressure on aching muscles, and, like a mesh office chair, the breathable mesh keeps your back cool and comfortable.
ENJOY BACK PAIN RELIEF AT HOME OR WHILE TRAVELING – The lightweight portable travel-friendly design allows this back support for an office chair to be used beyond the office. It works to keep your back comfortable at home in a kitchen or desk chair, at the office, in your car or truck, or on a plane.
RELIEVE AND PREVENT BACK PAIN with this ergonomic lumbar and back support system The innovative two-blade contoured and orthopedic design provides lower back support, reduces fatigue, and eliminates soreness by relieving pressure and compression on your spine, and helps to correct your posture. This lumbar support converts any office chair into an ergonomic desk chair.

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Supports healthy curvature
According to Cornell University Ergonomics Web, around 50% of the population in the industrialized world have some form of back complaint and most of these complaints are due to low-quality seating design. Regardless of the chair, you are sitting on, it, therefore, makes sense to get an additional support system for your back.

The backrest supports healthy curvature with its winged design form and foam cushion. It caters for the lordotic curve (which, as you know, is the natural inward curve of the lowermost portion of your back) and fills the gap between your spine?s lumbar region and your chair.

Posture and more
With its dynamic support mechanism, this backrest enables: Easier maintenance of healthy posture Support for stronger lumbar muscles Stronger muscular support Healthy alignment between back and hips

Different height levels also help people with different body types. So, you can rest assured that your back will always be supported, no matter how many hours you spend in your chair and how tall you are.

Pain-free sitting
According to the American Physical Therapy Association, 54% of Americans who experience low back pain spend most of their workday in a sitting position. One of the simplest ways to reduce and prevent low back pain is with a sturdy, adjustable lumbar support cushion. Proper back support helps reduce pressure on the spinal discs and stress on the ligaments too. This results in pain-free sitting for desk-bound workers like you.

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