Todoroki eq: A dozen odd indian languages, multiple genre, countless songs, hours of consumer interviews all summed up to the birth of todoroki eq. For the first time, pioneer engineers in japan and india have developed an equalisation curve for indian music, a product of in depth analysis for indian music, todoroki eq address the challenge of finding the right equalization settings and curves. May it be the depth in the vocals of your favourite ghazal, the sharpness in the soul of bhajan or the beats of bollywood, todoroki eq suits them all. We have even made this as the default equalization for your system
Mixtrax, your personal djmixtrax is a product of our experience as the world’s leading brand in dj equipments. Mixtrax, like a real dj, will identify songs of similar beats per minutes (bpm) from your storage device (sd card or USB) and mix them for a continuous musical experience. pioneer car cd players feature mixtrax ez with different special effects while mixing tracks, you can even choose the playback time between each mix depending upon your mood. With mixtrax ez enabled music system in your car, you can enjoy a club like atmosphere while you are on the move
Advanced sound retriever (asr) our asr sound technology automatically restores the harmonics which were lost during the audio compression process. Asr adjusts frequency response and sound pressure, especially in the high and low frequency ranges, to revitalise the density and presence of the compressed signal. the result is an improved sound quality with its staging, density and feeling restored to the level of the original recording. This is a must have feature for those who enjoy music downloaded over internet through formats like mp3
Mixtrax (mixtrax ez for quick non-stop mix play)
Mp3/wma/wav playback, detachable face security

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Tunerpreset 6bands * 6stationsband fm123/mw1/sw12cddisc media cd-r/cd-rwdecode audio p/fdecode-format 15*wma/mp3/wav (4) list search x (file/folder) usbdevice USB decode audio p/fdecode-format 15*wma/mp3/wav (4) list search yes (file/folder) interfaceaux 1 (front) android interface yes (usb) usb interface frontaudiopower mosfet 50wx4volume rotary yes equalizer g. eq (5band) advanced sound retriever yes pre?out rca 2p/opre?out 1 frontpre?out 2 rear or s/wrear speaker setting rear or s/wmixtrax yes (mix only) anti theft mechanism full dtdt case yes (hard) illumination single (pw) illumination color red (d12v8w) illumination default color red (d12v8w) disp off mode yes di mm er yes (timer) display device lcd display back light led display line 1 line display brightness adj, yes wired remote input yes (universal) warranty 2 years

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Dimensions 27 × 23 × 10 cm


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