Fashion & Classic Luxury Desktop Cigarette Smoke Ashtray Ash Tray Cup Holder LED Light-Silver Chrome for Car/Home/office

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Do you worrried that your families or friends will be hurt by the secondhand smoke? Have you ever bothered that no where to find the ashtray at night when you smoke but to open the light? Just say goodbye to these sufferings! AutoCarWInner Ashtray with Cool Led Blue Light:1) Fit most car cup holder.2) Effectively reduce the harm of secondhand smoke.3) Made of high quality fireproof plastic and alloy.4) Excellent sealability, no peculiar smell leaks.5) Snuffer hole and self-cleaning design.6) Inner LED for easier and safer night time ashing.7) Colorful LEDs light up when the cover is lifted casting an amazing glow.

Weight 0.102 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 7 cm


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