Provides An Elegant Side Profile To The Car.
Design And Dimension Are According To The Mentioned Car Only.
Stainless Steel Makes It Corrosion And Rust Proof.
Easy To Install, Comes With Double Sided Tape On The Back.
Proper Edge to Edge Fitment.
100% Imported.
Vehicle Compatibility: Kia Seltos


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Install this chrome combo kit in your Kia Seltos to enhance the exterior look of your vehicle. If you feel that all exterior area looks like plastic then you can these chrome trims to adds a metallic look. Made with ABS unbreakable plastic material with triple layer chrome finishes. This combo kit includes a total of 38 Pieces. every piece has double-sided tape attached on the backside for sticking purposes. Product is 100% Imported and will proper edge to edge fitting. We recommended before sticking any pieces of chrome garnish please match properly apply area and match the piece on it then only remove adhesive tape which is attached on the backside and paste it.

Installation is very easy for the combo kit, you don’t need to require screwing and drilling just match the pieces to the application area and paste it. Before installing or paste any chrome garnish make sure that apply area is fully dry clean properly, if any oil, water, and dust particle on the apply surface area it will not stick and past properly. Do not wash your for a minimum of 3-4 days after installing this combo kit. All reference image is available which make your installation job easy.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 53 × 25 × 21 cm


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