OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER next generation: The brightest halogen H11 bulbs from OSRAM in the practical duo box.
Up to 150% brighter light for your car thanks to an innovative laser ablation technology.
Up to 150 m long beam for better visibility and 20% whiter light for a modern look.
See further and react faster while driving with a powerful halogen headlight bulb.
Premium quality made in Germany/USA: Available in H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H11, HB3, HB4.

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Taking up the mantle from the much-lauded Night Breaker Laser, OSRAM?s remarkable new Night Breaker Laser (Next Generation) marks a brilliant advance in halogen lighting. | Why buy the OSRAM Night Breaker Laser (Next Generation) H11 (Twin)? | The Night Breaker Laser (Next Generation) offers a massive light projection up to 150 metres in length and up to 150% brighter* than a standard halogen. This astonishing illumination owes to the bulbs? unique design and manufacturing at the hands of OSRAM?s world-class engineers. Using innovative laser ablation technology and premium quality materials, OSRAM have refined the construction of the bulbs? coating and window as a means of increasing light output and brightness. | Remarkably, these vast new improvements do not come at the cost of road legality: the OSRAM Night Breaker Laser (Next Generation) are ? like their predecessors ? completely road legal and ECE certified. All of which means you can enjoy a massive improvement to your vision and visibility on all public roads, improving comfort and safety behind the wheel at night. | Experience the magnificent light improvements of the OSRAM Night Breaker Laser (Next Generation) today. | *compared to the minimum ECE R98/R99 requirements | | | Features and benefits | Maximum Performance bulb | Up to 150% brighter than standard | Light projection up to 150 metres long | Increase in light output allows for earlier reactions | Manufactured using innovative laser ablation technology | Highly sophisticated composition using premium quality materials | Stylish, modern look ? laser-etched product name on glass | Road legal ? ECE certified | Made in Germany/USA

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