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SD/MMC/USB/MP3 compatible play system. It support big capability mobile, hard disc play function. It has real time clock function with LCD display. It is totally figure radio tuning system, it also has Electronic volume control 7 RCA line out. Bluetooth function operation: Open the mobile phone Bluetooth function & search the Bluetooth device, when the phone prompts the Bluetooth pairing request, enter the corresponding Bluetooth device password, or mobile phone tip Bluetooth pairing request: after the confirmation. The cell phone will automatically pair & connected with Bluetooth. device. Calling function: After connected the Bluetooth device, and then redial the call by short press the BND button of the panel. Call receive function: When the Bluetooth device are connected, while there is an incoming call(display show corresponding caller ID) short press the BND button to answer the call, short press the MOD button to hang up the phone. Bluetooth music player: after connecting the Bluetooth device, short press MOD button to switch the mode,under the Bluetooth state, when the display of BT, short press AVRCP button, you can open the music player of the mobile phone to play the music. Output: 50W * 4 Bluetooth connectivity, calling through Bluetooth USB and aux, SD card connectivity FM connectivity, Built in clock Universal Fit

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